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The Federal Minister for Veterans' Affairs and the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Centenary of ANZAC , Senator the Hon.Michael Ronaldson, has given us a special permit to use the term ANZAC, throughout the project in recognition of its strong educational and community value.

We have been given permission to use the RSL Logo throughout the project and on the personalised Anzac Day Centennial Certificates.


The 1st Australian Division and the New Zealand Australian Division, which later included the 1st Light Horse Brigade, were still training in the Egyptian desert in late 1914 when they were regrouped into the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps – the ANZACs. In the early hours of April 25 1915, the ANZACs, part of the Allies, landed just north of the Gaba Tepe on the Gallipoli Peninsula with the objective of capturing the Turkish forts commanding the narrow straits.

The campaign was a heroic but costly one – and eight months later, in December, Allied forces were withdrawn from the peninsula, but by then 8709 Australian and 2721 soldiers from New Zealand had died and casualties were in thousands. But while the campaign did not stand out in terms of a military triumph in the war, it highlighted the tenacity, practicality, bravery, ingenuity, and the loyalty to King and comrades – that forged a national identity for these two countries as their men fought unquestioningly on the other side of the world for the British Empire.

Honouring ANZACS: Honouring Our Brave Men

In 2007 the National Archives released A Gift to the Nation – online copies of the records of all men and women who served in the 1st World War. These records form the basis of Honouring ANZACs. When a person enlists, he provides a place of birth and a place of enlistment on an attestation form, as well as other information. These records could then be used to know about these patriots and write tributes to these heroes, which would make sense in local communities where their sacrifice and WW1 contributions are central to the psyche.

In our main database, you can search your ANZAC by name or whether the person was born or enlisted in Australia or Overseas, and we will return information such as the ANZAC’s full name, place of birth, service number, place of enlistment, next of kin as well as a short bio and any available photographs. You will also find copies of handwritten attestation forms of every soldier on our database. The database is in a directory format so you can narrow your search to towns and map ANZACs from your own town.

Lest We Forget

Honouring ANZACs has been created in line with the centennial anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign, as a tribute to ANZACs not only by their communities, but also by young students like you. You can now login to look up any ANZAC that your teacher assigns you and research the ANZAC to write a fitting tribute along with any digital image you find of the ANZAC. This will then be added to the ANZAC’s listing, and go on to form the online archive of the community or town. Besides helping you remember our ANZACs, the exercise will also earn a credit for you as well as your class, school and teacher. But for that, your school needs to register on our website so we can give you the credits. In addition, you can also login and submit photos to ANZACs’ profiles, if you have any. So go on and help Australia relive its patriotic history today!